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35ltr bag


The ‘Erin Super Gro Bag’ is avery fast growing medium that has been based on several high quality Irish Sphagnum Moss Peat types and it is also well enriched with a full range of nutrients that plants need and require. This product is deemed quite suitable forthe growing of peppers, cucumbers tomatoes, and various other horticulture related crops too. Apart from that, it also contains a good wetting agent for near universal ease of watering.


Using the ‘Erin Super Gro Bag’can also help your plants take root and grow fast till such time as they are able to survive entirely on their own. It can also help significantly in increasing the growth rate of the plants to a great degree. So that you can rest assured that your plants continue to grow strong and healthy for an extended period of time.


A growing medium based on high quality Irish sphagnum moss peat and enriched with a full range of plant nutrients. 

Ideal For: Growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers & other horticultural crops.

Also contains a wetting agent for easy watering. 

Erin Super Gro Bag

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