Popular mid-season variety, one of the best all-round cultivars available making it justifiably one of the favourites amongst home growers for years. Vigorous grower bred in Belgium - one of the best varieties available. Highly productive, producing heavy crops of large glossy fruits conical in shape, that have a superb sweet flavour. Will do particularly well in light soil and in drier conditions. A hardy variety resistant to most diseases and is late flowering thereby avoiding the last of the spring frosts. Height: 20cm (8in). Spread: 30cm (12in). Cropping period: mid-June to mid-July. Self fertile.

Plant at a distance of 12-18in (30-45cm) apart, and 2ft (60cm) between the rows.



A sunny & sheltered position is ideal, but they will tolerate most soil types. When creating the bed, mix in a good dose of compost or well-rotted manure to enrich the soil. Create a small mound in the middle of the bed/planting hole and spread the roots out evenly over it. Ensure that the crown is level with the soil then replace and carefully firm the soil around the roots. Water in well.


After Care:

Regular weeding is important as with the very nature of their low growing habit, Strawberries run the risk of being swamped. Ensure you don't cultivate too deeply close to the plants & rooted runners as they are shallow-rooted and could easily be damaged. Apply a mulch yearly to prevent heaving action caused by frost & a yearly dose of general purpose fertiliser will help to maintain your plants in top condition.



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