Raspberry 'Polka' is a superb primocane Autumn fruiting variety bred in Poland. Renowned for the exceptional quality and consistency of its fruit. The large firm berries are conical in shape, medium red in colour and superb sweet, romantic flavour and an outstanding shelf life. The fruit ripens approximately ten days earlier than Autumn Bliss and continues until October, and then again the following June. The vigorous cane are virtually spine-free and have a good disease resistance.


Fruiting Season

Mid-August to October





Ultimate height

1.8 metres

Ultimate spread

0.45 metres


How to grow


  • Raspberries grow best in free draining soils, if drainage is poor, growing on a raised bed. It is essential that they are planted in ground that has NEVER grown raspberries or any plant of the genus Rubus before.
  • Prepare area before planting by digging over and mixing well rotted organic manure or compost into the top soil.
  • Plant canes as soon as possible after purchase, provided weather conditions are suitable.
  • Plant to the depth of the soil mark on the stem ? no deeper than 4in (10cm), tread in firmly and water. For pot grown plants, plant in a hole large enough to avoid disturbing root ball and allow space all round for infill material. Ensure the top of the root ball is just below the main soil level, tread in firmly and water.
  • We recommend the use of ?root grow? (mycorrhizae) to aid establishment.


How to care


The fruit is produced on the current season?s canes so cut down all the canes to the ground level in February.

Support the canes on posts and wire by tying them in with soft twine as they grow in spring/summer.

Mulch yearly with well rotten compost or manure to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Water regularly ? particularly if growing in containers or during dry periods. It is also very important to ensure that that the soil is moist when the fruit is swelling.

Feeding ? breeders recommend Vitax Q4 as the best fertiliser to apply in the spring, followed by a liquid feed fortnightly. Apply a high potash feed in February.



Good disease resistance


Raspberry Polka

Pot Size & Form

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