1000L bulkbags of Garden Solutions top quality products.


Delivery Charges

Free for EH1-EH42 postcodes

£10 - EH43-EH55, TD1-TD3, TD13

£16 - FK1-FK3, KY11, TD4, TD6, TD10, TD11, TD14

£22 - FK4-FK7, FK10, KY1-KY7, KY12, KY13, ML7, TD5 TD15

Other areas please get in touch.


There must be adequate access for the lorry (approx size of a bin lorry) to allow the bags to be lifted off and lowered to a suitable area using the hi-ab crane arm.  Upon ordering we can only guarantee a kirbside delivery.  Anything further as instructed by the customer is at the discretion of the delivery driver. 


Damhead Nursery/Garden Solutions will not be liable for any damage arising from this situation.

Garden Solutions Bulk Bag Composts 1000L