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christmas opening hours

Just to let all you know we are closing for the holidays on Christmas Eve and will reopen on Thursday 3rd January 2013.

There’s still time to pick up a few Christmas gifts.    We  have a few cut Christmas trees and a selection of small pot grown trees left.   Plus our wreath production is in full swing so still a chance to pick one up at the Nursery over the next few days.  Don’t forget to get your Christmas vegetables while you’re here!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year

from Sue, Euan & Michelle

at Damhead Nursery



December 19th 2012

beautiful sundials

In these winter days it’s lovely to think of sunshine, and we’ve found a very special sundial for you to add to your enjoyment.  A sundial needs just a blink of sunshine to tell the time, but a bespoke sundial made just for you becomes something beyond the ordinary.  We have asked Alastair Hunter, who designs his sundials just down the road in Edinburgh, to come and put his beautiful Orbit design on display for us at Damhead.  Drop in and see us, and we can tell you more.



'Hourdial' on Glazed Pot


December 19th 2012

Christmas Shop

We have just opened a great new Christmas Shop full of goodies for the impending date.  It is stocked with plants for Christmas such as cyclamen, holly, winter flowering bedding, skimmia and lots of other winter flowering plants.

You can order a Christmas tree and a Christmas wreath, pick up some lovely bunting to adorn your home (it looks fantastic hung on the mantle piece) and shop for your vegetables and fresh eggs at the same time.


How about choosing a gift, have you thought about a living gift – perhaps a fruit bush such as raspberry or a rhubarb plant or simply a gift card.


We are open until 5pm Mon-Friday with a late night on Thursday until 7pm.  Saturday 9-12noon and Sunday 1-4pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


























November 28th 2012

Low cost trees and hedging

Fantastic value, low cost trees and hedging.

Now is the time to start thinking about Autumn planting of trees, shrubs and hedging.

Bare root plants are available from Mid Nov – April (depending on the weather).  This is a cost effective time to plant as the trees and hedging plants become dormant and can be transplanted as a bare rooted or rootballed tree depending on the size you require.

If you would like to block out a building from you view, we can supply a wide range of sizes including a mature evergreen screen at 2.5m high or pleached trees forming a raised hedge 4-5m high.

Have a look at our new  list of bare root trees, shrubs and hedging plants but feel free to contact us for a chat for any advice about your requirements.

Give us a call or come in and see us.

October 20th 2012

October 2012

We have a new range of farm fresh – ready to eat Vegetables at great prices.

Currently available are fabulous:
Cabbages – Savoy, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Onions, Celery, Leeks.
Potatoes available from small quantities up to 25kg bag.
Come in and have a look.
We are delighted with the quality – buy direct from us and save on supermarket mark-up.

We also have a range of peat free and reduced peat composts including mushroom compost, well rotted horse manure, potting and seedling composts.

Watch this space for our new organic ranges : Damhead Organic Nursery which will include: plants, herbs and other products on www.damheadorganicnursery.co.uk or www.damheadorganicnursery.com

October 20th 2012

2012 Open Day – Friday 28th September

This year our Open Day and BBQ will be held on Friday 28 September from 2pm onwards.

We will be joined by Sushiela Jamieson (stone sculpture), Creme de la cupcake, Kitchen Harvest (jams) and Four Winds (wooden sculpture).  New for this year is a range of farm fresh vegetables.

Come along and have a look at our great value quality stock and our range of landscape shrubs, trees and fruit.  Great reductions on the day!



September 20th 2012

2011 Open Day and BBQ

Our 5th Open Day and BBQ this year was held on Friday 23 September and we were exceptionally pleased with a record turnout of familiar and new faces.  We were joined by Beatsons Building Supplies,  Macleod Organics, Creme de la cupcake, Kitchen Harvest (jams), Four Winds (wooden sculpture), Sushiela Jamieson (stone sculpture) and Andrea Geile (steel sculpture).




October 4th 2011

Gardening Scotland 2011

We were delighted to have the opportunity to supply plants for a show garden at Gardening Scotland 2011 from 3-5th June. Perthshire based designer Carol Gallagher McCulloch designed the garden in conjunction with Beatsons Building Supplies Ltd, Forth Paving and Stewarts Turf. The garden entitled ‘From Construction to Catwalk’ was awarded a silver gilt medal by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society with 79 points. The garden was featured on The Beechgrove Garden and BBC1 Scotland’s Reporting Scotland and was used as their location to report from the Gardening Show on the Friday evening.

June 21st 2011

Course: Grow your own vegetables, 11 march

Following on from our successful ‘Grow your own vegetables’ course with Jim Williams from the National Vegetable Society in April last year we have decided to run it again this year.

Join us at Damhead Nursery on 11th March 2011 where vegetable expert Jim Williams from the National Vegetable Society will be introducing you to the delights of growing your own food, how to establish a kitchen garden and pick up simple tips to get you started, whether you have a large overgrown plot, small patch or a window box. He will cover topics such as seed sowing, getting the best out of your greenhouse, pests/weed control, composting, crop rotation and soil preparation. After his talk we will venture into the nursery for a hands-on practical exercise. If you would like more information or to book a place on the course please email michelles@damheadnursery.co.uk. Cost £25.00 includes tea/coffee & cake.

January 10th 2011

Contractors’ workshops

This month we have started to offer our wholesale customers the chance to have dedicated topic training for their staff.

We have been delighted with the interest and a number of workshops dedicated to particular skills have been put in place.

Local contractors have opted to spend a couple of hours brushing up skills used in the preparation of a garden for winter, including comprehensive pruning lessons, cutting back and deadheading, autumn/winter colour, bulb planting – best times, perennial planting – what/what not to plant, tree planting, splitting and dividing herbaceous perennials, overwintering shrubs, mulching and cleaning and storing tools.

If you are interested in upskilling your team then get in touch with us to talk over any training requirements you may have. Contact Sue on our Nursery number or email her.

October 28th 2010