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Archive for October 2014

planting hedges & trees in autumn

Now is the time to start thinking about Autumn planting of trees, shrubs and hedging.

Bare root plants are available from Mid Nov – April (depending on the weather). This is a cost effective time to plant as the trees and hedging plants become dormant and can be transplanted as a bare rooted or rootballed tree depending on the size you require.  We have excellent value plants from 50p upwards!

If you would like to block out a building from your view, we can supply a wide range of sizes including a mature evergreen screen at 2.5m high or pleached trees forming a raised hedge 4-5m high.

If you would like more info on our selection of plants then please just get in touch, or if you’re local, then pop along to see us.Beech_hedge


October 23rd 2014